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The Tiff Grip is a multifunctional wig grip that is not only beautiful, but also innovative and efficient! Ever bought a wig grip, but it slides up the back of your head or the top of your head after 30 minutes of wear? So annoying right?! Well, not anymore. With the silicone Tiff Grip, there are silicone strips on both sides that grip onto your scalp and the wig cap for extra comfort while ensuring your wig DOES NOT ride up. HOW BOUT DAH?!


Silicone strips on both sides of a wig grip are typically used for those with no bio hair. However, you CAN use it if you have hair too!


FINAL SALE; no refunds.


NOTE: Unfortunately, I have stopped using USPS for international orders since they’ve been taking over 3 months to deliver and have also been losing packages. If you’re international, and check out, the shipping will say something ridiculous and the price is not worth it. For now, this item is for US orders only unless you are able to purchase along with a wig.

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