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Reselling your Wigs by Tiffani pieces

Do you have a Tiffani piece that is pre-loved and no longer needed? Did you buy a piece and kept it longer than the allotted return frame? Went wig crazy and need to clean out your wig closet? Send them to the wig shop! If you own a Wigs By Tiffani branded piece, you can list it on this website to resell to potential buyers. You will be charged a non-refundable flat fee of $175 (and any PayPal fees) to list your piece on this website. Your resale price cannot exceed the original Wigs By Tiffani price for that piece.

Your fee will include:​

  • shampoo​

  • deep conditioning

  • styling

  • professional photos

  • listing on the website

Your listing will stay on the website for 60 days, and if it hasn't sold within the 60 days, you have the option to have it sent back to you or you can keep it on the website for an additional $15 per 30 days. If sent back, the $175 fee is non-refundable.

When your wig sells, we will pay you the listing amount within 3 business days via PayPal. Simple as that! Remember, PayPal fees will apply.

For international senders, if any custom fees are involved while your item is being sent to us in the US, you (the sender) are responsible for the payment. Wigs By Tiffani is not responsible for covering any custom fees.

Learn more about our Resale policies on our FAQs page. If you have any additional questions, please contact

If you'd like to resell your Wigs By Tiffani piece, please complete the form below:


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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