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WBT Services

WigsByTiffani now offers 4 different services that can be done to any of our wigs at the wig shop!

  1. Wash and Style ($65)

    • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving

    •  Includes deep conditioning

  2. Silicone Addition ($80)

    • Takes 5-6 weeks upon receiving 

    • Transforms any wig into a medical cap!

  3. Knot Toning ($125)

    • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving​

    • Tones brassy/yellow or orange knots on your lace top (not the entire wig)  on any Tiffani wig!

    • Includes wash/ deep conditioning, and style

  4. Bang Trim ($30)

    • Service includes only bang trims, NOT full hair cuts!​​

    • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving

  5. ​Resizing ($100)

    • Make any wig smaller

    • Takes 3 weeks upon receiving

Please note:

- If you were to purchase a wig and then send in a request for the silicone addition or the bang trim before shipment, the wig would become FINAL SALE!

- Shipping is extra as  we ship the wigs out the same way we receive them ($20-box and $10-envelope). 


Email us at for more information on the services!

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