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Our Services

WigsByTiffani offers many different services that can be done to any of our wigs at the wig shop! We want to provide our customers with support beyond the initial purchase for any needs that may come up. All services aside from resales, hair cuts, and hair replacement are accepted for any wig brand and are not limited to Wigs By Tiffani wigs. 


Wash and Style ($70)

  • Love the way that your wig looks and feels right after purchasing? Send your wig in for a wash and style and the team will wash, deep condition, and style your wig for you! 

  • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving

Knot Toning ($135)​​

  • Tones brassy or yellow/orange knots on your lace top (not the entire wig) 

  • Includes wash, deep conditioning, and style

  • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving​


Silicone Addition ($80) 

  • Transforms any wig into a medical cap with the addition of silicone lining added to the cap! This is great for extra security and/or comfort if you have total hair loss but can also be worn by those who have hair 

  • Takes 5-6 weeks upon receiving

Fabric Liner ($100) 

  • Add a fabric/silicone liner to the inside of your cap under the lace topThis add-on helps with the durability of the lace (will prevent wear and tear), creates the appearance of a brighter "scalp", adds more coverage to bio hair, and adds extra grip due to the silicone. The transition from the liner to the lace front is seamless! 

  • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving 

​Resizing ($100)​

  • Make any wig smaller - we do not currently offer options for making the cap larger 

  • Provide us with your measurements and the wig will be resized to fit your individual needs 

  • Takes up to 3 weeks upon receiving 

Cap Size Replacement ($200)

  • Want to change the cap size of your wig without alternations? This service replaces the cap with your preferred size while maintaining the same look of the wig.

  • This is a good option for those who want a large change in sizing down. For example, changing an XL to a S. We can also make small replacements for sizing up. For example, changing a small to a medium or a medium to a large.

  • Takes about 6-8 weeks upon receiving 


Haircut ($100) 

  • Service includes a full haircut ​

  • Inspiration photos must be sent in for approval prior to the service being accepted. Please try to be as specific as possible with haircut requests! 

  • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving

Bang Trim ($40)​

  • Service includes only bang trims, NOT a full haircut 

  • Our team can create any bang style that you'd like - curtain bangs, wispy bangs, blunt bangs, etc. ​​

  • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving

Removing Weight/Debulking ($75) 

  • This service is to remove weight/thin out your wig ​

  • Takes 2-3 weeks upon receiving


​Hair Replacement ​

  • Over time and with lots of wear, lace top wigs can become sparse in some areas. We offer hair replacement services to fill any sparse areas and extend the life of your wig. 

  • The price is dependent on the amount of hair needed to be replaced so please email us for a quote. 


Please note! 

- If you were to purchase a wig and then send in an email request for an add-on service such as the

silicone addition or bang trim before shipment, the wig would become FINAL SALE!

- Shipping is extra as we ship the wigs out the same way we receive them ($20-box and $10-envelope). 

Email us at for more information on the services!





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