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Minor Sizing Alterations FINAL SALE

Minor Sizing Alterations FINAL SALE


If you are wishing to make slight adjustments this would entail our resizing alterations. This involves cinching and stitching the cap in selected areas based on your own measurements you provide to us. This is best for slight adjustments. No section or material is removed or cut from the cap itself. With that being said, you can go back to original size by cutting the seams.

Choosing to alter the cap size is a final sale/no refunds. The turnaround for completion is about 3 weeks.

Please keep in mind that while we are altering the cap to the measurements given to us we cannot guarantee an exact perfect fit to your head, but we will do our best to get as close as possible to the measurements provided. The amount of bio hair you have can also affect the way a cap fits.

When taking your measurements, please have someone take a picture of your measurement on your head for each area and email those pictures back to us ( along with your measurements written out- that way we have the measurements in the picture to confirm that it matches the info you give us.

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