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  • In-Person Consultations

    We are providing appointment-based consultations. Consultations are an hour long and are scheduled between 1-2 pm and 2:30-3:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A non-refundable $150 deposit is required to reserve your service time. However, if you wish to add another service (such as a haircut) or purchase additional products during the consult, it will be charged at the end of the appointment. If a wig is purchased, some of your deposit ($50) will go toward your Tiffani wig purchase. If you do not purchase a Tiffani wig during your consultation time, you will be given a code to use online for $50 toward a future wig purchase. However, our listings are still first come first serve. NO holds or pre-orders. Please keep in mind that your appointment is NOT confirmed until the invoice is paid! Invoice and email will be sent within 1-4 days of request. If not paid within 48 hours of invoice we will not be able to schedule the request. Disclaimer: The only pieces that will be available for an in-person try on will be what is currently in stock. We do not do custom orders. What's in stock today, might not be available tomorrow. So, there's no guarantee we will have the same wigs to try on every day.

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  • Client Love | WigsByTiffani

    CLIENT PHOTOS Before & After Photos 1/1 Testimonials “Thank you so much, Tiffani! To look in the mirror and feel beautiful after suffering from hair loss… that feeling is indescribable. I can’t believe how beautiful the hair is. And the hairline! I have no words. I can’t thank you enough. You changed my life!” “She is gorgeous! You are the BEST blonde seller out there! I have many wigs and toppers from many different sellers - your blondes are magnificent. No one I know of does blondes better than you!” “I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life. I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with my hair loss. My grandma is bald, then my mom became bald, and then my older sister became bald and I knew it was bound to happen to me. You are my first REAL wig purchase. I hate that you’re going through the same thing as me but it also feels good to know that I can relate to you. And that’s why I trusted spending so much money on your product because you know what it’s like and you know that quality is important. Nobody wants a wig to look ‘wiggy’, especially when you’re going bald and can’t do anything about it. So thank you for bringing me my confidence back. Walking around the grocery store last night, I got a lot of stares. I kept thinking I was being stared at because people could tell it was a wig until two random people, one male and one woman, came up to me and told me my makeup and hair was beautiful. And I realized they were looking at me for being me for once! Thank you.” “First and foremost let me say that the lace is so invisible and realistic - I was skeptical and thought it would be obvious, but am pleasantly surprised!! I am now hooked on lace instead of silk top!!” “I didn’t expect the color to be so beautiful. The hair quality is amazing and I think I will even leave the wave for my wedding… it is perfect just out of the box.” "I have the detangler and the oil and I'm OBSESSED. I just tried them on my 2 year old daughter and couldn't believe how silky it made her hair AND zero tears while brushing because it wasn't tangled!" "I feel like all of your products and wigs are top of the line. High class... Your products keep the hair so silky beautiful, and the smell is exquisite... I add pumps of the oil before I wear and it never seems to weigh the hair down. Rather, it illuminates and refreshes the hair." “First and foremost let me say that the lace is so invisible and realistic - I was skeptical and thought it would be obvious, but am pleasantly surprised!! I am now hooked on lace instead of silk top!!” “Welp….I just cried! Thank you so much Tiffani! To look in the mirror and feel beautiful after suffering from hair loss… that feeling is indescribable. I can’t believe how beautiful the hair is and the hairlines… I have no words. I can’t thank you enough! You’ve changed my life.” “My husband got me one of your wigs for Christmas and I tried it on yesterday and wore it today and had so many compliments this morning at school drop off on my hair! Love my wig! And I can’t wait to add to my collection! So many people commented on the color and how gorgeous it was!” “I just wanted to give you a shout out because I’ve tried so many toppers/wigs since I’ve gotten one from you (my first hair piece) and returned all of them (even the very expensive ones) because your pieces have been by far the best I’ve tried. Excited to return my most recent purchase and buy another from you soon!” “I just wanted to thank you again for such amazing service and a wonderful wig. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments from everyone and it seriously has made me feel so much better about my mental health situation. I hope you know you are seriously doing more than just providing wigs, you’re literally giving people like me the confidence to still go out there and live life despite going through something as traumatic as losing your hair. I used to be so embarrassed in my synthetic wigs and now I feel amazing!!! Thanks to you!!” Shout out to Tiffani for her amazing hair products! Every day I see sisters talking about how great they are- I personally noticed how amazing they are when I recently purchased from a wig sister- the long dark hair was so dry with frazzled ends that went up about 5" into the hair. Yesterday I got it wet, doused it with the Tiff Conditioner and let it sit for about an hour. When I rinsed it, I put the smoothing oil on it, and hung it upside down to dry. Today- it looks like completely different hair- just shocking- smooth, shiney... gone are the long crunchy ends- it looks like a new topper!! If you have not tried the Tiffani hair care products, I would definitely do it!!"

  • WBT Team | WigsByTiffani

    My Story Meet The WigsByTiffani Team Tiffani Founder & Owner Meri Lead Assistant / WBT Coordinator Jennifer Stylist / Hairline Specialist Lynn Stylist Brittany Colorist Hannah Colorist Victoria Head of Social Media & Marketing Harley Head of Customer Service / Virtual Assistant Rokki Brand Ambassador

  • Resales | WigsByTiffani

    Reselling your Wigs by Tiffani pieces Do you have a Tiffani piece that is pre-loved and no longer needed? Did you buy a piece and kept it longer than the allotted return frame? Went wig crazy and need to clean out your wig closet? Send them to the wig shop! If you own a Wigs By Tiffani branded piece, you can list it on this website to resell to potential buyers. You will be charged a non-refundable flat fee of $150 (and any PayPal fees) to list your piece on this website. Your resale price cannot exceed the original Wigs By Tiffani price for that piece. ​ Your fee will include:​ shampoo​ deep conditioning styling professional photos listing on the website ​ Your listing will stay on the website for 60 days, and if it hasn't sold within the 60 days, you have the option to have it sent back to you or you can keep it on the website for an additional $15 per 30 days. If sent back, the $150 fee is non-refundable. ​ When your wig sells, we will pay you the listing amount within 3 business days via PayPal. Simple as that! Remember, PayPal fees will apply. ​ ​ For international senders, if any custom fees are involved while your item is being sent to us in the US, you (the sender) are responsible for the payment. Wigs By Tiffani is not responsible for covering any custom fees. ​ Learn more about our Resale policies on our FAQs page. If you have any additional questions, please contact . ​ If you'd like to resell your Wigs By Tiffani piece, please complete the form below: RESELL To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. First Name Last Name Email Phone When and where did you purchase this piece? How much did you purchase this piece for and how much would you like to list it for? Please describe the condition of your piece, including size, length, and any alterations. Additional Questions / Comments: Submit

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